@zaynmalik and/or @liampayne hire me to work for you please!!!

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As a fan of both Zayn Malik and Liam Payne, I can honestly say I know them better than their own team. I would like to work with either of them creatively.. Whether it be design cover arts for them or help them with merch designs. I am in stan twitter that makes me the most qualified person in terms of knowing what their fans want. I can cater to their needs better than old ass people that work for them. I am also young and so into fashion so this makes me even more qualified to expand their brand.. come up with different types of merch rather than just tshirts and hats. I am a self thought artist and modern calligrapher. I have made fan art for both of these incredible artists, especially lyrical letter fan art. I have lots of uni dept to pay the government and I think Zayn Malik and/or Liam Payne and I could both benefit from this arrangement. 

Thank you,