Stop Zara Bullying Aussie Children's Author over her book, Zary Little Wisdoms

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Corporate juggernaut, fashion retail and online giant Zara is reported to have made US $21.2 billion last financial year, yet this mega profit hasn’t stopped the corporation from threatening Aussie Mum Kay Andrews regarding IP for her children’s book, Zary Little Wisdoms.

Sydney Mother, Kay Andrews, wrote her children’s book and accordingly registered the intellectual property into the relevant classifications with IP Australia. Yet the day before the trademark was to be approved, she received a letter from Zara’s solicitor opposing her application and threatening ongoing legal action if she did not concede and change key elements of the book - at Zara’s discretion.

Mrs Andrews is both anxious and confused regarding the action, stating, “I don’t see the reason Zara have decided to oppose Zary as there is no comparison with the name or the product”.

Mrs Andrews works as an Intuitive Healer and Counselor, often dealing with client’s suffering from depression, illness or drug dependency, much of which stems from childhood trauma. Kay wrote the children’s book to deliver the tools required for a happy life.

Andrews explains, “Teaching children key values at an early age is imperative. Between the ages of 0 and 7 our children are downloading good and bad messages, so the more we can instill positive messages in childhood, the happier and more resilient they will be. In this respect, Zary is the perfect tool to deliver these messages over and over again.

I have been working with many adults over the past 14 years that have issues with anxiety, stress and trauma in my clinic and a lot of the time it began in their childhood. That’s why I decided to write this book to give children the opportunity to learn valuable lessons in the early years of their life”.

Regarding Zara’s impending legal action, Mrs Andrews is begging the company to drop the action and let her continue to sell her book, which has thus proved to be a huge hit with children.

“There is absolutely no reason Zara should be worried about my product as they are in the clothing industry and Zary is a children self-help book” Andrews stated.

“I simply can’t afford to continue fighting this as I’ve already spent thousands with a solicitor and let’s face it, Zara are a million-dollar corporation. But I will continue to fight this, because I feel I need to do this to help the children”.