Microplastics are Hurting our Oceans!

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Microplastics are little grain like pieces made up of plastic from plastic (litter) laying in the sun too long. You might be thinking why should I care? Why does this hurt sea life? I'll tell you why, microplastics can be found in sand and in all oceans. Small fish like anchovies eat them, and larger fish eat the anchovy, and we eat the larger fish or anchovies. Microplastics have been found in fish liver and people say it can also be found in canned fish you buy! This is affecting us, and we need to make a big change because we don't know what microplastics are doing to ocean animals. Or how they will affect us later.

I am 14 years old I am in grade 9, and we have an assignment to change something, to make a difference in the world. I have emailed Justin Trudeau to see what our country is doing to help reduce microplastics. I am also making this petition because I wanted to see how many people want to make a change and make everyone and every sea animal healthy again.

Our only solution to end microplastics is to join together and stop littering in our oceans. Because, it not only hurts wildlife, it hurts us, so next time you litter, think about what you’re doing and how it will affects living things on our planet. Sign this petition as a promise to make a change. We are hoping for 100 votes or more. Thank you.