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Recently the ZAMBIAN Government through it's Subsidiary ZCCM Investment Holdings went into a $2.5million joint partnership with a to Sudanese company to mine Gold in Mumbwa. The estimated income from this mine is $1.5billion per year. Like all other mine deals in Zambia, this money will be externalized and will never benefit the Zambians. We believe that the Zambian government has the capacity to mine, manage and export its own gold. The Zambian government has previously spent $4.8 million on a toll gate, $130 million on a Gulf Stream private jet for the president, $42 million on fire tenders and many other unprioritised expenditures often outside the budget and without oversight. It is therefore heartbreaking for all peace loving Zambians who believe that after 56 years of Independence, that the destiny of ZAMBIA must be in the hands of Zambians. In 2020 we still have no school supplies in schools, our students are learning on floors and crowded teachers often operating without aid. A classroom teacher has 76 students to herself. In hospitals basic medical supplies are lacking.

The current GDP of ZAMBIA ($26billion) is too small for ZAMBIA. The current debt of ZAMBIA ($20billion) is too much for Zambia. 

This is why we are calling upon the president of ZAMBIA to act responsibly and reverse this erroneous life staggering mistake.

If the president of ZAMBIA cares about his legacy, and above all about Zambians, we believe he will reverse this decision. By empowering Zambians to manage this gold, the wealth of ZAMBIA will be in real terms and the debt of ZAMBIA will be eliminated significantly. Students in University will have modern facilities and our overall lives will improve collectively unlike now where only those connected to the ruling party benefit.

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