Allow non-natural hair dye in school!

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Young people, such as myself, are being punished when they come into school with coloured hair that isn't "natural". I feel those people are really expressing themselves, it's a way that people feel comfortable. Why should the school take that away from people? Schools not allowing "extreme" hair dyes are taking children's confidence away from them! I understand that schools want everyone to look smart, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to dye their hair! I've been put in isolation and threatened with exclusion becuase I was "distracting" fellow class mates. But that wasn't true. No one was bothered about my hair, the only time people would bring it up was before and after lessons. No one would say anything during our classes as our teachers would have control over the class. Please, let people like myself be ourselves. We don't need people stomping on our confidence.