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Remove Raleigh's Confederate Monument

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We should dream of and work to achieve a Raleigh that accommodates all of its residents beyond just fulfilling the basic needs. We should want to achieve a Raleigh that is vibrant, beautiful and full of art — and a Raleigh that reflects the concern we share for our neighbors’ well-being.

In continual pursuit of this vision, we must turn critically inward and ask what can we do better. Right now, we must join the brave anti-racist protestors from #Charlottesville and cities around the country against overt (as well as more subtle) manifestations of white supremacy.

We, too, need to join together and demand the removal of hostile architecture from our public spaces, this includes (but is certainly not limited to) the 80-foot-tall monument to Confederate soldiers next to the Capitol Building.

For the most part, no one notices these monuments until times like now, when the topic is hot. But when they do affect people, they only serve to embolden those who sympathize with white supremacist causes, or to remind black folks who notice them that racism is not just legislation — it’s part of their built environment, and as concrete as the insidious structure in front of them.

There is no place in our city for ugliness. To truly stand in solidarity with folks in Charlottesville, we need to confront our hostile architecture and demand its removal. Join me in calling for the removal for the Confederate monument in Raleigh at the Capitol Building. Governor Cooper released a statement pushing for the General Assembly to reverse a law that prohibits cities from removing or relocating historic monuments. We are calling for the removal of this monument from our great city. There is no place for hatred here.

Stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Charlottesville, and let’s keep #RaisingRaleigh.

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