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By making #Sarcoidosisvisible , the lives of all affected by this fatal, multi systemic  inflammatory disease that causes granulomas to form and attacks our organs causing insurmountable pain and wreaking havoc inside , it will become a little more tolerable if the public understood. Sadly,  due to the lack of information and support most of us suffer in silence. Being ridiculed, laughed at and made to feel like a hypochondriac due to the multitude of symptoms this disease can afflict one with is horrendous enough but adding insult to injury is the lack of understanding , explanations or support of families dealing with this sometimes fatal disease. There is no cure nor cause for Sarcoidosis. There are no Support Centres, Research Facilities nor Organizations available in South Africa. There are no statistics for us suffering an invisible disease where we are constantly told it's all in our heads and we look great. This disease affects more than just our organs and the hardest battle I fight is to make Sarcoidosis visible! 

We need your help! Sarcoidosis is as serious as cancer in some of the patients. We aren't seeking sympathy , compassion and respect to understand what we endure is everything to us. Ask anyone in your circle if they have heard of Sarcoidosis. You may be surprised to learn that there are but they haven't said anything because of the difficulty in trying to explain it. Some people suffering don't even understand completely what is happening to them. One of the symptoms of Sarcoidosis is flu like symptoms ... Imagine waking up with a very bad flu ... every single day ... for the rest of your life . The lucky few experience no symptoms at all.

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I beg , I plead , I Thank You for helping

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