Caravan sites to be regulated

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People are putting there life savings in to 

Owning a caravan caravan average cost is from 10.000 to 150.0000 to buy .People buy caravans for there family so it can be affordable for a family holiday .before purchase the site makes it all glorious and after purchase the rent increase the water the electric the gas the rates increase which on some sites more then your household .then they force you to upgrade or be removed from the site and other threats we all like better caravans but some people specially the elderly don't want to upgrade as they feel at home in there own caravan and should not be forced in to upgrade or removal of your caravan .in some places they increase the rent so high so the owners leave of there own will which is great for the site so they can get next victim to buy there caravan on finance knowing full well within a year 80 percent give up there caravan as it's not affordable because of the hidden extras not in contract we want the government to look at the way the industry is running and regulate it