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Help Raise Awareness For Child Abuse

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We want to raise awareness for child abuse. This issue is huge in New Zealand especially considering that New Zealand is a first world nation. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of child abuse in the developed world, this is shocking. Not only does New Zealand have one of the highest rates of child abuse in the developed world but also one of the highest rates of child death my maltreatment within their families. New Zealand Police respond to one family violence call every seven minutes, 60% of these calls are due to a child being abused, every seven minutes. An international survey found that one in four New Zealand girls have been sexually abused, before they have reached the age of 15, this is terrible and makes New Zealand have the highest child sex abuse rate in the developed world, and here we are not even thinking that this is a huge issue in our nation. In 2012 there were 125,000 reports of child abuse in New Zealand , this number is continually rising. We make this petition not to take action but to instead raise awareness for this issue, we want people to know what is happening and we want those who abuse to stop, and futhermore help other children and talk to their parents, explain your experiances and take action. Please sign this petition, we as a nation need to spread this message and take a stand, please give up a small period of your time and sign this petition, it will make a difference. 

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