We need an increase in police presence and police patrols in Richmond upon Thames

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We are writing to you as our MP to ask for help in dealing with the violent crime that is occurring in Richmond.  Over the past two weeks we are aware of the following incidents of violent crime:

1.     Sunday 31st March: a parent was violently attacked in Richmond town centre at approximately 5pm. He was left hospitalised with serious head injuries after having been struck with an iron bar;

2.     Thursday 28th March: a man was stabbed outside Tesco on George Street; and

3.     Sunday 24th March: a teenager was attacked at Richmond station at 5:45pm and left in a critical condition after being knocked to the ground and suffering a number of blows and kicks to the head.

These are just a handful of incidents and there are many more stories of residents in Richmond being the victims of violent crime. It is clear to us that these incidents are forming part of a wider pattern of escalating violence which we fear has now become an epidemic of violence in our borough.  

We understand that the council has announced £100,000 for community safety schemes; mainly to be spent on improving neighbourhood watch network. Whilst we welcome the measure, given the scale of the problem of violent crime and the speed with which things are deteriorating we would strongly urge you to put greater resources to work to solve this problem.

We strongly believe there is a connection between the rise in violent crimes in Richmond and (1) the lack of a regular police presence and patrols in the borough; (2) the closure of the police station on Church Road; and (3) the belief that Richmond is a soft and easy target due to its poor security apparatus and prevalence of families. We agree with the comments made by Cressida Dick, Met Police Commissioner, that there is a correlation between the Government’s police cuts and the increase in violent crime.

It is imperative that you meet with us with representatives of the police to address our concerns and put in place appropriate measures to tackle violent crimes in Richmond. We are aware that there will be a crime and safety meeting on April 25th but given that the event is at capacity many residents will be unable to attend and raise their concerns. Secondly one evening would simply not be enough time to discuss the measures needed to tackle this pressing problem. 


Yours sincerely,

Sarah Jung & concerned residents of Richmond, London