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Worldwide law against racism

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                         In this modern day,we live in a world where all sorts of people are diverse. Asians, Americans, Europeans, Africans and etc. We know for a fact that racial discrimination is a general problem around the world. We can assure that racism can be acquired through peer influence. Most of all conflict especially war, around the world may relate in this situation.

Nowadays, it is illegal for us to treat people differently because of their race or culture. Its because some think that their race is more superior compared to anyone else.

                        In some cases, there are cases that law is implemented in some countries. Through this, we can be better at accepting everyone in terms of their race and cultural backgrounds. Though it can benefit each and everyone to become more versatile in terms of social interactions throughout the world. Unity and Acceptance can make a difference to our world. Once we manage to adapt this trait then no forms of anger, hate, and envy can dominate in every aspects within our lives.


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