Stop sedition in Congress by demanding Rep Yvette Herrell resign

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U.S. Representative Yvette Herrell, R-NM, attempted to disenfranchise the citizens of Pennsylvania by objecting to the certification of their Presidential ballots in the Electoral College. Even after the violent occupation of the U.S. Capitol in support of her aims, she stated her objection only hours later. She must resign.

Representative Herrell undermined American democracy by objecting to the certification of Pennsylvania's electoral college ballots that gave Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris 20 electoral college votes. Despite clearing all challenges to the validity and accuracy of the results, Rep Herrell objected to the certification of their electoral ballots. Courts rejected challenges to the accuracy and validity of the state's votes after judges determined there was no evidence that rule changes put in place by the Governor and State Supreme Court affected the outcome or led to fraud, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.  These rule changes were in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic underway in the United States in an attempt to make voting safer and allow more citizens to participate safely.

Sign this petition and call her office and demand her resignation: 202-225-2365.