Mason Lee deseves better!

Mason Lee deseves better!

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Mason Lee was continually let down throughout his short life.  From Family services, to Queensland Health but none more than by those who were suppose to cherish and love him. 

William O’sullivan inflictied henious acts on this young boy over a matter of months and watched him die over the course of several days from injuries that could have been treated.  Not once did this man seek medical treatment for this little boy whilst he lay suffering. 

Last week this man was sentenced to 9 years in Jail with a non parole period of 6 years. This could see him released in less than 4 years!  

How is this justice? How can one childs life be held with so little regard?? 

Enough is enough - we need to demand justice on behalf of Mason. William O’Sullivan sentence is grossly inadquete and needs urgent review. 

Yvette Dath needs to push the government of the day to introduce laws to ensure those who inflict such henious crimes on children start receiving harsher penalties.