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Appeal has been lodged!

from Atty. Katherine Cora On behalf of the victim and the victims family I would like to announce that the Attorney General, Hon Yvette D’Ath has heard our plea and has lodged an appeal to the unjust sentence given to convicted child rapist Rogelio Acosta Ruiz. We are thankful for all support we have received. I especially want to thank the parents and the small support group that has worked relentlessly for the last month to bring us one step closer to justice. Even though there is just 6 of us in the group, our efforts have made an extreme difference for the victim and the family. Thank you to David Janetski, Amanda Camm and Bruce and Denise Morcombe and George Christensen for all your support! Please continue to support our e-petition and petition on change the org!! Thank you again for everyone that has supported and thank you to the Attorney General for lodging the appeal of Ruiz’ sentence. May we finally get justice! #onestepcloser

Adessa Daba
4 years ago