Fatal BBQ Bashing. Possibly serve less than 4yrs Jail. Our Legal System needs to change.

Fatal BBQ Bashing. Possibly serve less than 4yrs Jail. Our Legal System needs to change.

2 March 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Zana Warneke

On Saturday 20th May 2017, Our Son/Brother/Uncle/Boyfriend Justin Towers (37yrs) sat at home contemplating on whether or not he should attend a going away party that night for one of his friends who was leaving the country and returning to their homeland. Convinced by his newly met girlfriend that he should do the right thing and go and have a few drinks to say good bye to a mate would be a suggestion that will surely haunt her and the rest of our family forever.

Like all parties, it started out fine with everyone having good time, but as the night wore on, the mood changed. With this, an exchange of words developed between Justin and Malik Morris. What was to follow could only be described as cruel, malicious and absolutely barbaric. By the time Justin was bundled into a car unconscious and bleeding, Morris had punched, kicked and stomped continuously on Justin’s head and body whilst he laid on the ground trying his best to defend himself. At one-point Justin apologised and stated that he just wanted to go home and a friend tried to help Justin escape. But did this stop Morris? No,. he chased him down to continue the attack, He just kept kicking, punching and stomping until Justin passed out. Then continued to kick, punch and stomp some more.

Justin left the party that night unconscious with 65 separate injuries, including fractures to his eye socket, nasal bone and cheeks. Five fractured ribs, bruises, abrasions and lacerations. 3 Days later we were advised by the Princess Alexandar Hospital staff that Justin’s brain is no longer working in any capacity and never will again (Brain Dead) and that his life support systems should be turned off.

Initially, Morris denied everything, but during the course of the investigations he admitted to an undercover police officer the full extent of his involvement.

Justice Burns even stated during the legal proceedings that this “was a prolonged, savage and remorseless attack”

As Morris was originally charged with Murder over this attack, he took an early plea of Guilty to Manslaughter and on the 13th Feb 2020, Justice Burns sentenced Morris to 9yrs for this and also as well as other sentences which are being served concurrently for a separate occasion of Break and Enter and also Assault.

A 9yr sentence means that Morris need only serve approximately 50% of time before eligible for parole and also avoids being placed on the Serious Violence Offence Register.

Due to the fact that Morris was 17yrs and younger at the time of these incidents and that he has been held in custody since being arrested. Justice Burns set a term of 3yrs and 9months to be served before Parole.

With time already served this allows Morris to be eligible for Parole as early as February 2021. That’s less than 12months from now.

Justin’s death was not an accident nor was it caused by carelessness. Justin died in a horrific way and as stated earlier a savage and remorseless attack. The fact that someone may only have to serve just under 4yrs in prison for an attack of this nature along with other serious crimes is abhorrent.

We hereby ask the Attorney General of Queensland, Hon Yvette D’Ath to review the sentence imposed on the above mentioned and ask that Morris be sentenced to a minimum of 10yrs with 80% of the term served before parole is granted and that he also be added to the Serious Violence Offence Register.

We also ask that there be a completed review of the sentencing to those convicted of serious criminal acts, particularly those that take another’s life. There needs to be a clear message sent that the sentence/ punishment should fit the crime and tougher sentences are needed.

People say that prison is a place where people can be rehabilitated, but we ask you this. When and IF Morris is rehabilitated. Will we get Justin back ????

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Signatures: 2,176Next goal: 2,500
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