A repeat offender, eligible for parole in 2yrs after taking an innocent life

A repeat offender, eligible for parole in 2yrs after taking an innocent life

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Aron Duffy, a repeat offender who is responsible for killing Ken Altoft, has been sentenced to 6yrs jail and yet eligible for parole after serving only 2yrs of this sentence. How can a person with prior criminal history be handed a grossly inadequate sentence?

We need to appeal this case and have the sentence reconsidered and a more adequate time handed down.

What happened

On the 7th of November, 2017, Aron Duffy’s choice to consciously drive at 154km/hr in a 60km roadworks zone on the Bruce Highway at Tanawha, resulted in the senseless death of a much loved husband, father, grandfather and friend.

Ken’s widow Sharon, son Nathan, family and friends were in court to hear that Ken’s senseless death was only worthy of a 6yr sentence, with Duffy eligible for parole in less than 12 months. This is grossly inadequate.

Aron Duffy is a repeat offender.  He has an extensive prior drug, traffic and violent criminal history, as recent as 2 days prior to him killing Ken. 

Our justice system has failed to recognise that a known offender with extensive prior convictions is now eligible to walk free from prison with only having spent 2yrs for killing an innocent man.

Duffy was speeding at almost 100km OVER the speed limit, making no attempt to avoid killing Ken, and then fleeing  the scene showing no remorse. 

Ken could have been your loved one. He was in the SAFEST area of his workplace, doing his job to support his family. He should have come home from work to his family that day, but Aron made sure that didn’t happen.

Repeat offenders who break the law and take a person’s life should have to take responsibility for their catastrophic decisions and be sentenced to a just time, not get a slap on the wrist.

No amount of time can bring our beloved Ken back, but adequate sentencing must be enforced to deter drivers from tearing other families lives apart.

Please put your name to our petition to hand to the Attorney General for her consideration of an appeal.  Justice must be served for an innocent life taken and our community protected from the chance that a known re-offender will be walking the streets again next year.