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Hold Kickstarter Accountable for Project/Creator Fraud & Promoting Unvetted Projects

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There are many active supporters of Kickstarter initiatives, providing hundreds of dollars of our own hard earned money to support new and up and coming businesses. We pledge our money because we believe in the product, give people the opportunity to create successful small businesses and in the end, provide us with a unique product. We have also felt that by being on the Kickstarter site, there's been some sort of vetting process for each project that goes live. In the past few years, there are more and more cases that are seemingly fraudulent and do not deliver on the promises they put forth.  Kickstarter has not made any attempt to rectify this. Their position is: We're not liable. However, by curating a collection of these, some of which are "Projects We Love" by Kickstarter, they are effectively validating the integrity of the initiative and helping to promote investment in it. And many of us backers have tried to contact our credit card companies after several attempts to contact Kickstarter and the creators with little to no explanation or response. Unfortunately, many of the credit card companies have been unable to credit our accounts after we dispute the charges because they have received "evidence" from Kickstarter that the project is underway or will still be produced (while consumers have limited windows of time to dispute their charges). So Kickstarter effectively curates the collection of projects, endorses some of them, collects the commission, and when supporters ask for what they were promised or a refund they do everything in their power to make sure the supporters don't see any of their money. That's unacceptable. There needs to be a vetting process for each project that goes on their site and they need to create stronger terms and liabilities on projects that do not deliver against expectations. They should also be required to refund monies to backers based on projects that failed to meet expectations, pretend to be something that they are not or engage in seemingly fraudulent practices. 

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