Move gynecology to primary care! No referrals!

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I have found myself betrayed by the healthcare system in Ontario.  I find it ridiculous that optometrists and dentists don't require referrals, but a specialist which every single woman should see at least once in her life requires such permission. How can we as a society be advocating for women's rights when we are not taking action to improve them in the basics of healthcare? Every woman should have the right to seek care without the hassle of having to seek approval, referrals and explaining themselves on the importance of our health. We may be 50% of the population, but we carry 100% of the future. The least we can do is give us and the generations to come the proper and most accessible care.

For years I have been seeing doctors only to finally be diagnosed with the chronic illness of endometriosis. I suffer from severe pain about 5-10 days every month. As part of my treatment, I needed to see a gynaecologist. They arranged for me a mediocre doctor who was not a specialist in my circumstances and who was only able to see 6 months at the earliest. I had to go back and forth seeking referrals, suggesting different doctors and was disappointed to find myself more concentrated on running around trying to get help rather than the actual treatment.

Please sign this petition to support my letter to my premier leader proposing to take action on improving our healthcare for women and their overall rights. I want my voice to be heard, but this issue is bigger than me. The Provincial Parliment must see this is more than a young girl with a complaint; this is a demand for change.