Move gynecology to primary care! No referrals!

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Wait times are still a MAJOR issue in Canadian Healthcare

Many of you signed my petition. I am so grateful it was shared and reached out to so many of you. Thank you for your support. I pursued studying health policy and expected to graduate next year and implement ACTIVE change in our government. I come back to you more educated with more data and research.

Here is an update on my person struggle with endometriosis and our health care:

I have gotten treatment and experienced some trouble with it. Back before our unfortunate COV-ID crisis I called the same gynecologist that treated me and they let me know that after 8 months of not visting your OB/GYN you need a new referral from your primary doctor. I was back to running around. From my visit to my primary doctor to seeing my gynecologist was a span of 7 months, 2 more months to obtain an ultrasound and get a follow up appointment. That is 9 months from my initial health problem to getting treatment.


24% of referred patients did not hear back from their OB-GYN. Gynecology is one of the most requested referrals by patients. The mean number of days it took for patients to recieve an appointment was 88. Patient age and illness urgency were not consistently related to wait times (

There is clearly a lot of work to be done regarding the wait times in Canada. It is time to start with women's health as we are 50% of the popluation and need to keep pushing to have 100% access to care. Please keep sharing this petition. I will post more updates. Change may be slow but it is vital.

Solomiya Petrunko
10 months ago