Remove Brian Harrod's Hate Speech Blog from Facebook

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Brian Harrod is the author of a hate speech blog on Facebook titled: Yonkers Newswire. Instead of it being a purported political/social critique, it is a platform of harassment designed to demean immigrants and Arab Americans. 

Two targets are the first elected Arab American to serve as President of the Yonkers City Council, in Yonkers, NY, and a local news service owned and operated by a Black immigrant from South Africa.  

Harrod has proceeded to slander them with false allegations and blatantly racist innuendo. It has impacted their families as well as the minority community of Yonkers, NY, and the surrounding area.

It is also an attempt to undermine the political importance of the first Arab American to attain prominence in Westchester County NY.

Removing Harrod's blog from Facebook will not only vindicate the people who have been harmed but will also serve as a message to the world that we will not tolerate  hatred anywhere. 

Neither immigrants nor their children should have to endure the shame of Brian Harrod's  misguided blog, Yonkers Newswire. It cannot continue to exist and inflame others to buy into the stereotypes that are inspired by the current political climate. 

Bigots will always exist but we have the power to silence them one at a time. And that will make a difference not only for ourselves but for those coming behind us. Take a stand and sign the petition.

This is an excerpt from the Yonkers Newswire:

Brian Harrod  (commentary)
January 21
"MPAC JIHAD Unethical #MikeKhader And Low Class Limo" Owner Johnny "Kilo" Khader Is Stiill Trying To Replace Yonkers Superintendent #EdwinQuezada With Liability Lawyer #NaderSayegh
JORDANIAN PATRONAGE PLAN: Forget About Superintendent Edwin Quezada Delivering Double Digit."



Brian Harrod (commentary)
March 11 at 10:48am
"PEDO ON PATROL: The Immigrant "Yonkers Voice" Child Molester #RuiBenros Is Out Searching For Clueless Morons That Would Agree To Go On #PedoTube.... LOL...So Their Appearance With The Creepy Yonkers Child Lover Will Be In Their #GoogleSearch Results

FUTURE EMPLOYER: Why Did You Agree To Make A Video With The Unstable "Yonkers Voice" "#RuRos"?

CLUELESS MORON: It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time, But I Now It Shows Up In My Google search Results."


Brian Harrod (commentary)

March 1 at 12:39pm

 " a homeowner contracting with an illegal immigrant for snow removal is foolishly putting their families assets at risk. I doubt if an illegal immigrant would have a licence to drive the plow, let alone apply to pay the $400 that one Term City Council President #MikeKhader and his democratic majority are requesting."


Brian Harrod (commentary)                                                                                         Feb.11 2018                                                                                                                "MORE MONEY: Insensitive Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer, Even Agreed  To Pause Her YouTube Pedo Interview, So That Convicted "Yonkers Voice" Child Molester #RuiBenros Could Insert A Commercial For Some Low Rent South Broadway Dive Bar Called "Margarita's"   

note: Margarita's is a new popular Latino owned night spot. It is located in downtown Yonkers and known for it's colorful Moroccan themed decor and professional service. In addition to a restaurant, it also has a bar and lounge area. It is not a dive.


Brian Harrod (commentary)

December 10, 2017

"Brian Harrod: you could not be more hopelessly wrong if you tried my wife is a resident alien that has lived in this country for over 40 years and she fully supports deporting immigrant child molesters back to their home countries."


Brian Harrod (commentary)

January 2 2018

"Brian Harrod ROFLMAO..... just go tell #NaderSayegh that you are a drug using and store stealing Jordanian that likes pointing red laser pointers at Yonkers Police Officers as they direct traffic and he will get you a nice teachers aide job."


Brian Harrod (commentary)

 Brian Harrod shared a link.
January 10 2018
ROFLMAO.... Brave Yonkers Woman Demonstrates How To Kill A #Rat, Like "Yonkers Voice" Child Molester #RuRos, With Just A Broom


 All types of RATS moving to Yonkers
IT ISN'T LOCAL UNLESS IT'S YONKERS VOICE!!! Date: Unknown Time: Unknown Where: 90 Oliver Ave, Yonkers One…


Brian Harrod (commentary)

November 14 2017

Brian Harrod LOL... With #Mikekhader at the CIA, it is no wonder that we lost the war against terror in Iraq.








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