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Get more 'cube seats' in UoY Libraries

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Lets face it. If you're going to the JB Morrell Library you're wanting to sit in those cube seats. They are superior in every single way to the desk supported alternative. Firstly, the comfort levels are unreal. No one goes to the library for a 15 minute session, you go to Nisa, stock up on energy drinks, and prepare yourself for a long hard study session. The arm rests are big enough to support a few cans of your chosen beverage, your phone, pencil case, whatever study snack you chose alongside of course your limbs. 

Despite it's luxurious comfort it actually gives pretty good back support. The table provided can be adjusted to whatever height or distance you want providing perfect writing or typing scenarios. However there is a downside. Many of these chairs are positioned in a way that means you could potentially be making direct eye contact every time you look up with a stranger sweating out pure undilluted Monster. Creating more cube seats will solve this. Move the existing ones so you no longer have to feel judged for sitting in your pajamas and eating 3 cans of pringles at 8pm on a friday. No one's ever been in the Raymond Burton building so surely you could make way for some in there. 

In conclusion, cube chairs are best chairs. Please YUSU, fund something other than the sports team for once xxx

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