update our software and give us more guarantee and assistance

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update our drone and command software to avoid problems and bugs that drones, typhoon h and typhoon h real sense have now, by modern software such as h plus or h520 and that has more options at the level of other brands. The typhoon h and real sense are modern and can be better if you put a software at your level. and we want more guarantees and customer service in europe and especially in our country, Spain.


actualizar nuestro software de drone y del mando para evitar problemas y bugs que tenga ahora los drones ,typhoon h y typhoon h real sense,por software moderno como el h plus o el h520 y que tenga mas opciones a nivel de otras marcas. los typhoon h y real sense son modernos y pueden ser mejores si nos poneis un software a su nivel. y queremos mas garantias y atencion al cliente en europa y sobre todo en nuestro pais, españa.