Honorary Ambassador Yuna Kim: Speak for the Korean animals at the PyeongChang 2018!

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Call for Action - Countdown to PyeongChang 2018 has begun –Take the actions of compassion Today!

PyeongChang, host to the 2018 Winter Olympics - the world will be watching South Korea, which is why this is the perfect time for you take action to support our campaign to end the horrific dog and cat meat trade in South Korea for good! Let's ask the Olympic teams to take a stand and speak out against this shameful trade. You can help by signing and sharing our petition, sending out letters and emails, and raising awareness of this brutal and barbaric practice and calling for an end to the trade by exposing this issue in social media. Netherlands: http://koreandogs.org/pc2018-netherlands/ Japan: http://koreandogs.org/pc2018-japan/ Denmark: http://koreandogs.org/pc2018-denmark/ Portugal: http://koreandogs.org/pc2018-portugal/ Greece: http://koreandogs.org/pc2018-greece/ France: http://koreandogs.org/pc2018-france/ Italy: http://koreandogs.org/pc2018-italy/ Germany: http://koreandogs.org/pc2018-germany/ Great Britain: http://koreandogs.org/pc2018-gb/ USA: http://koreandogs.org/pc2018-usa/ Click for complete list of petitions to National Olympic Committees – Please sign all.: http://koreandogs.org/noc-take-a-stand/ More campaign pages will be added. Subscribe to our newsletter for the call for actions: http://koreandogs.org/contact-us/ Follow us on Social media: https://www.facebook.com/koreandogs/ https://twitter.com/Koreandogs Video: South Korea's Moran Market - Hell on Earth! https://youtu.be/XswyJKUbNTc Thank you! Compassion Through Action! Homepage: http://koreandogs.org/ Petitions: http://koreandogs.org/petitions/ What you can do: http://koreandogs.org/what-you-can-do/contacts-for-protest/sample-protest-letter/ Call the South Korean Embassy and Consulate General Offices in your country: http://koreandogs.org/call-south-korean-embassy

4 years ago