Yulin Dog Meat Festival Starts June 21 - Tell House Speaker Paul Ryan to Vote on H. Res 30


Tell Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, to bring House Resolution 30 (formerly known as H. Res 752) to the floor for a vote by the House of Representatives.

House Resolution 30 (H. Res 30) condemns the Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China, for extreme animal cruelty, and urges China to enact an animal cruelty law that bans the killing and eating of dogs.

While most of us view dogs strictly as loving companions and would find the practice of raising and slaughtering dogs for food barbaric and cruel, a large number of people in China, and other parts of Asia, eat dog and cat meat, not to satisfy hunger but for purely superstitious reasons. They believe eating dog meat keeps them cool during summer months, gives men sexual stamina, and wards off evil spirits. 

Some dogs are raised on dog meat farms where they endure a lifetime of abuse under horrific living conditions. While a vast number of China's dog meat dogs are abandoned or stolen pets, guard dogs and strays, supplied by gangs of violent dog thieves, accounting for the large number of purebred companion dogs who fall victim to the dog meat trade.

Most shocking of all is the unimaginable pain and suffering these poor animals are forced to endure, sometimes for hours, before they are brutally murdered.

Helpless dogs are hung, brutally beaten and electrocuted; they are skinned alive, boiled alive and blow torched to death. Their paws are cut off so they can't run, and their snouts are bound shut so they can't defend themselves or cry out in pain.

The extreme torture is intentionally brutal and performed in full view of other terrified dogs due to the misguided belief that adrenaline and fear running through a dog's blood before the dog dies makes the meat more tender and better tasting, and more potent.

It is not uncommon to see cars and motorcycles dragging dogs behind them on the highway. They call it "tenderizing" the meat.

The slaughter happens every single day within the dog meat trade. An estimated 30 million dogs and cats are brutally tortured and killed in China every year. The slaughter happens out in the open, in plain view of the public, and without interference because China has no animal protection laws.

There is no place in modern society for these sadistic and barbarically cruel practices. Extreme cruelty cannot be dismissed as a matter of culture.

On May 25, 2016, U.S. Congressman, Alcee Hastings, introduced House Resolution 752, condemning China's dog meat trade and calling on the Chinese government to end the dog meat festival that takes place in Yulin, China, every year. Unfortunately, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, ignored all requests to send the Resolution to the House Floor for a vote. The Resolution was re-introduced on January 6, 2017, as House Resolution 30 (H. Res 30). 

For the millions of dogs who are victims of China's dog meat trade, it is an utterly terrifying ordeal of unimaginable pain, suffering and deliberately cruel death.

No animal deserves this fate. If any animal deserves our protection as a reward for his services to man it is the dog.

Through the ages, man has called dog one of his closest companions and also called him protector. Dogs risk their lives every day to serve and protect us in the military and police force; they are devoted service companions to people with disabilities, they sniff out bombs in airports, search for victims in emergencies, and provide emotional support to the sick and elderly.

There are so many reasons why we call them man's best friend. Dogs are inherently good; they love us unconditionally, they are our loyal and devoted companions, and our faithful protectors.

It's time for the United States to stand up for our furry friends.Tell the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and the Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific to support H. Res 30, and affirm the commitment of the United States to the protection of animals in Asia and around the world. It's the right thing to do!

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ~Mahatma Gandhi

Update: June 5, 2017

Time is of the essence, the Yulin dog meat festival is happening again on June 21, 2017. We are calling, emailing, faxing and posting to House Representatives on Facebook and Twitter, asking them to support this vitally important Resolution. You can join the campaign by contacting your congressman and asking him/her to cosponsor H. Res 30.

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Never be silent in the face of abuse. These poor animals have no one to speak for them but us. For more information on the dog meat trade and how to make the world a better place for man's best friend please visit:

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Thank you for your support. 

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