Close All Daycare Facilities in Canada Immediately to Stop COVID-19

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Due to the speedily growing up of confirmed cases all over the Canada, as well as the infants confirmed cases. We could obviously figure out the terrible infection rate currently. However, based on the notices that the related organization of the government (e.g. some Health groups or Early Learning and Child Care organizations), it is not hard to see the policy maker’s indifference and less awearness to this virus. They higely ignored the terrible effect which is unprecedented.

The young children are the highest susceptible individuals. The lowest immunity group-infants and young children who even easily get simple virus and germs. How could we leave those weakest little people into the high-risk environment with such horrible COVID-19.

In addition to that, the professional daycare workers are doing their best. They should not be on the front of Coronavirus as well. Because what if they could not get back to work cause of the COVID-19, how could the parents get in trust to the daycare facilities as a safe and healthy environment for the little ones?

Therefore, we demand all daycares must:

1. Close immediately.
2. Set up clear pandemic plan.
3. Clear the tracing contacted people.
4. Make effective isolation directions for the individuals who are infected.