Yu-Gi-Oh!: Revenge of Anubis (TV Halloween Special)

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Revenge of Anubis (TV Halloween Special)

March 8, 2022
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Started by James Jurovich

About back in 2017 - 2019 when I was in film school/Film Day Care for the Handicap Disability people/Film & Media Workshop in Livermore, California, I had created the project myself and planned to sell it to a company that can own Yu-Gi-Oh! which happens to be Warner Brothers, New Lines Cinema, and Konami and make it a reality someday so I can work for them for sure. My project is like Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel video games, Yu-Gi-Oh! TV Shows, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Movies at the same time) but mix with Mortal Kombat (Mortal Kombat Live Action movies, Mortal Kombat Animated Movies, Mortal Kombat Legacies, and Mortal Kombat Video Games all rolled into one) fight to the death, Dungeons & Dragons when it comes to summoning the Yu-Gi-Oh! Monsters, Spells, Traps, and Magic at once, Hero-Scape battlefield when it comes to Time Travel and Time Travelers from different time periods mix with different aliens at the same time, Trans-dimensional travel similar to Teen Titans but mix with Jimmy Neutron: Win, Lose, & KaBoom TV Movie Special (2004) and with every list of other programs that are related to Trans-Dimensional Travel and being forced to play the games and duel at the same time, & it's a Halloween special literally, it might be useful for the fans and the players to see on TV as a TV Movie when the time is right.


Here's the Pitch for it:

It starts with the origins of a very special collector who collects cards from different time periods until the guards hanged him and cursed him with the actual Egyptian god name Anubis: God of the Underworld as he merges together and is trapped in the parallel dimension which is mixed between time and space like Jimmy Neutron’s Intergalactic showdown mix with Mortal Kombat fighting and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duels. This also leads to the present with the two romantic couples who turn out to be secret agents for the US Government called U.S.A. (Unusual Secret Agency) who just got a call from their chief about a murder and a robbery at the Yu-Gi-Oh! R Us store in Pleasanton, CA. When they are about the arrest the thieves and murderers who turns out to be Anubis’ clones, they travel to the transdimensional portal to their world and they are surrounded by Time Travelers (Reptile Age - Dinosaur Age - the present - the future), HeroScape and they are forced to fight in the dueling tournament the final duel will be The Medieval Raven Knight (The Anti-Hero) to fight against the Anubis and The Army of the Undead.

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Revenge of Anubis character list:

  1. Peter Murray
  2. Susan Prince
  3. Bruce Rebble
  4. Sandy Hoortez
  5. Bob the Whimpy Cashier Guy
  6. Maximillion Pegasus
  7. Jane Maximum Pegasus (Maximillion Pegasus’ daughter)
  8. Yugi Muto
  9. Seto Kaiba
  10. Bakura Ryou
  11. Mai Valentine
  12. Joey Wheeler
  13. Téa Gardner
  14. Yami Yugi
  15. Mokuba Kaiba
  16. Valon
  17. Tristan Taylor
  18. Rebecca Hawkins
  19. Duke Devlin
  20. Ishizu Ishtar
  21. Marik Ishtar
  22. Weevil Underwood
  23. Ghost Kozuda
  24. Serenity Wheeler
  25. The other unknown Yu-Gi-Oh! Players from the shows and movies
  26. The other time-traveling players from history, the present, and the future
  27. 1930’s Gangster
  28. 17th Century Pirate
  29. 3 1774 American Soldiers
  30. 3 of the Directors of NASA from 1972
  31. Buzz Aldrin
  32. Neil Armstrong
  33. Atilla the Hun
  34. Old Western Cowboy
  35. Old Western Cowgirl
  36. 1950’s waitress
  37. 9 Astronauts from the future (years 2515, 3333, 2930, 5555, 2795, 2321, 9999, 2195, and 2190)
  38. 7 Vikings from the Age of Vikings
  39. World War I soldier
  40. World War II soldier
  41. 5 Roman Gladiators
  42. The Wooly Mammoth (in human form)
  43. The Caveman
  44. Sabertooth Tiger (in human form)
  45. The Wooly Rhinocerous (in human form)
  46. Tyrannosaurus Rex (in human form)
  47. Spinosaurus (in human form)
  48. Korean War soldier
  49. 3 Samurais from Ancient Japan
  50. 15 Ancient Chinese soldiers
  51. Men in Black Agents
  52. FBI Agents
  53. CIA Agents
  54. 5 Wanted Criminals
  55. 13 Civil War soldiers
  56. Napoleon Bonaparte
  57. The Medieval Raven Knight
  58. Mosasaurus (in human form)
  59. Dunkleosteus (in human form)
  60. Triceratops (in human form)
  61. Anubis the Egyptian God of the Underworld
  62. Anubis’ clones aka The Army of the Undead (with the first 3)
  63. The Army of the Undead / Anubis’ clone #1 / Alexis Rhodes
  64. The Army of the Undead / Anubis’ clone #2 / Primo
  65. The Army of the Undead / Anubis’ clone #3 / Odian

If any of you work for Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema, and/or Konami at different times or at the same time, I hope you can demonstrate them with some other companies who are interested in making Anubis for this type of project.

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Signatures: 19Next Goal: 25
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