Requesting for Development of my mother land ANDHRA PRADESH

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Dear fellow citizens,
I write to you this letter today because I see my homeland Andhra Pradesh floundering in distress and becoming powerless. It pains me to see that it is struggling, and the government has failed to protect it's own people and their rights. I can no longer be a mute spectator anymore and watch my land crumble because of the unrighteousness and indifference of a few people who are ideally supposed to protect and defend our land but has failed in their duty to do so.

Few years ago, I moved out of Andhra Pradesh in hope of achieving better job, high quality education for my family, better healthcare and a comfortable lifestyle that could promise holistic well-being and happiness to me and my family. In pursuit of finding better life for my family, I distanced us from our relatives and friends, our culture, and missed out on everyday nuances of living in my own homeland Andhra Pradesh that could have brought us real happiness. Despite staying away from AP, my heart is still rooted in here, which I care for dearly. I have kept myself informed of its everyday events and it is upsetting to see the present political catastrophe that is clearly an out-turn of poor governance, lack of transparency, responsiveness and most importantly accountability.

Andhra Pradesh witnessed golden period during Rajanna’s regime who had the people’s support, backing him due to the various welfare schemes he devised for them. In absolute contrast to what is happening now he initiated and properly executed a variety of programs that positively influenced the economy of AP. The void created due to his demise has been unfilled to this day.

Our Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, lured the voters with tall promises during the poll campaigning. One of his promises was to get AP, Special Category Status. Like all other promises he reneged on this as well and traded AP’s interest with the so called Special Package. As he rightfully anticipated his loss in the ensuing elections, he has indulged in theatrics and yet again trying to trick the voters with his vacuous demeanor. If at all he was serious about SCS, why did he trade it with the special package in the first place, why did he earlier not mount pressure on the central government to grant Special Status, why did he choose now to snap ties with the NDA? There are a lot of questions to be asked for which I am certain, we
would never get an apt answer.

In the moment of such despair, it is gratifying to see the leader of opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy fearlessly taking tough calls. He has stood out as the only leader in AP who has never changed his stance on SCS and held the matter closest to his heart. YS Jagan has further intensified his stand on SCS and has decided to move a no-confidence motion against the Modi government for not fulfilling promises to the people of Andhra Pradesh. He has urged TDP to jump on the bandwagon, demanding that AP be accorded Special Category Status.

Rights and responsibilities are two sides of the coin and as a corresponding responsibility to our right to SCS, we as citizens must lend our support to Jagan Mohan Reddy in his fight to get Special Category Status for Andhra Pradesh.