Petition Update

We have been featured in the York University Excalibur!

Jesse Feld
York Regional Municipality, ON, Canada, Canada

Oct 10, 2013 — An article by Victoria Alarcon in the Excalibur, York University's Newspaper features our petition!
Find the article here:

In the article, Ms. Ann Marie Carroll, YRT operations manager, explains that the rising cost of fuel is one of the reasons for the fare increase. But although day to day gas prices change, over the past year they have gone up by $0.01 or 0.077%. (Mr. Leary showed this here on figure 1: ) They are not immune to this cost, but it is very minor and would not at all account for the 7.86% increase in fares.

She also mentions our large population is more spread out compared to Toronto and Mississauga but she fails to mention that we are far less dense than Durham which has kept fares low. (586 vs. 241 ppl/km2) These are not the true reasons for the fare increase!

Thank you all so much for signing the petition; please continue to share it with your friends also affected by this unreasonable fare increase!