Encourage Yonkers City Council to pass plastic bag law

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Littering is a major problem the environment has been struggling with. In particular, plastics are a significant problem because, after their single use, they are discarded and take about 200 years to decompose.

Some people don’t recognize and understand the effects that plastic pollution can have on the environment now and in the future. Also, plastic is usually only used once and then thrown out, and only eight percent is recycled. The ones who are most affected by plastic pollution are wild marine life because they often mistake plastic bags and bottles for food. However, humans are also affected because when fish consume microplastics in the ocean/river, the plastic is still in their system. When we catch the fish and later consume it, we are also consuming the microplastics as well.

According to Mayor Mike Spano, the ShopRite supermarkets in Yonkers use over 300,000 to 400,000 plastic bags per week, which only adds to the 500 billion plastic bags that are thrown out worldwide each year. This problem persists because we as humans fail to realize the problem we have created and don’t take the proper action to solve this issue.

However, the Yonkers City Council has proposed the Environmental Protection and Pollution Prevention Act, which is to impose a 5¢ tax for each plastic bag you use. It is crucial that we give that push to the City Council to pass this law because it can help reduce the usage of plastic bags by thousands. If we fail to act on this, plastic pollution will continue to permeate the land, water, and air, which will soon make it near to impossible to reverse the damage it will cause here in Yonkers and worldwide.

It is imperative to remind the City Council of Yonkers that there are people who care about issues like these and demand their voice to be heard in order to make that difference within the community.