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Youtube: We need a CHANGE

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Dear YouTube,

The Youtube Terms and Conditions for creators big and small have caused problems in all genres. It has stopped smaller comunities growing by demonitising and has caused larger comunities to struggle against the TOP TEN TRENDING! 

In 2018 we have seen, as the YouTube community, how broken this system really is. Allowing one of the biggest creators, one that has become the face of YouTube, to upload something as vivid and absolutely disgraceful as they did and them not recieving a strike. They took the video down of their OWN accord and recieved no consiquence, other than the backlash from views and out lookers, this, in comparison, to smaller creators (EVEN LARGER CREATORS) getting demonitised and/or a strike on their videos for a simple swear word! 

It is time for a huge review and reshuffle in these conditions, to be more fair to all creators on the platform, I have seen many channels lose subscribers simply because the video (that explicitly says it is educational) tries to educate others on the real world! While others can put COMEDY in the description and still not get a strike for showing death and distruction of public property. 

Time for a think YouTube. 2017 was one of the worst years for YouTube yet, time to make 2018 a better one. 

Please Share as much as you can. Thank you for your time. 

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