YouTube should enable monetization for Climate State

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YouTube recently demonetized our channel, citing reused content guidelines. However, we usually reuse content to highlight a current climate change topic, and publish them under fair-use principles. This means, we use reused content, edited, with permission, or in some cases to make content more accessible, with the intention to inform in regards to the involved sciences. 

Watch a summary video on this issue:

And we try to make content for our over 25,000 subscribers to counter the orchestrated attempts by special interests to cast doubt on climate science.

Moreover, until early 2018 YouTube provided a dedicated tool for creators to share other channels content to your own, implying that sharing of other channel's content is nothing to worry about. 

YouTube never communicated to us that reusing content from other channels is an issue. The channel is in good standing, thus there were no warning signs at all, until when on January 31th 2019, YouTube suddenly (again with out notification) disabled monetization for us. 

Subsequently we deleted so far over 300 videos from the channel, many from NASA or visualizations of annual sea ice records.

Thus, we ask YouTube to monetize our channel again, otherwise we do not have the financial means to continue creating content.

Please visit our blog post for further information on this issue, thank you.