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YouTube Remove the "Hemu Gadhvi Trust" Chenal by Complaint of Fake user

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My father " Lt.Hemu Gadhvi" is reknown folk singer of Gujarat-India.He was employer of "All India Radio" as a tanpura artist. More than 200 songs and folk

story available in public domain.So i have started " Hemu Gadhvi Trust " chenal in July 2017.Mean while user " Karsan Parmar"

has theft our all videos and upload theirs Chanel and give the  strike  to our Chanel and Youtube suspend " Hemu Gadhvi Trust" account.


Mr. Karsan Parmar never owned any of this videos or audios, neither he has spent any money over the production of these audios and videos. It is the habit of Mr. Karsan Parmar to lift any audio available publicly from unauathorised sources and prepare a videos on his own accord and put it on  you tube channel  with user name “Gujarati Sangeet” which has already downed and deleted by you tube for thifting the videos of Hemu Gadhvi owned by us. In past, Mr. Karsan Parmar, whenever visited India, approached our family members and other fans of Hemu Gadhvi and begged the audios of Sh.Hemu Gadhvi , which were given to him for his own listening as a fan , without charging any amount as a friendly gesture, which he has used in uploading the same on you tube un authorisedly, and went to the extent of of claiming copyright over !! Therefore his claims are vague and with no base. And now this gesture of Mr.Parmar is only because of jealousy and feel of revenge.

So all the members of youtube,Gujarati Lover,Folk songs lover have request to solve this problem.

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