YouTube, Re-Monetize Hunter Avallone's Videos

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Of course not all my videos can be monetized. Many of them are offensive and I understand YouTube won't want to run ads on all of them. This is a petition for specific videos.

The first video is, "Trolling the Women's March" - 

When I first posted this video, it was demonetized. I contacted YouTube, explaining I felt the decision was unfair, and a few days later, they reversed their decision, apologized, and re-instated monetization. This video went on to blow up, gathering nearly 1M views. Now 3 months later, after YouTube manually confirmed the video is suitable for ads, it's been demonetized AGAIN. 

Attached is the email exchange I had with youtube where they apologized and told me the video was suitable for ads.

It seems a little strange that youtube would demonetized the video after confirming it was indeed suitable, right as it was blowing up and bringing traffic to my channel.

The second video is this one, "Why I Hate Fat Acceptance" -

This video has long been blowing up, bringing traffic to my channel. It's been monetized without issue for over a year. And of course, like clockwork, right as my video starts to do well, YouTube demonetized it.

Both these videos are suitable for ads, and it's ridiculous that YouTube conveniently demonetized them right as they began to blow up.

I ask that you all sign the petition and tweet @TeamYoutube @YouTube the petition.