YouTube MoMo Mess

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With the recent focus on mental health, especially in children, much information has come to light on the fragility of these young minds. Choosing age-appropriate, kid-friendly, and positive programming for our children to watch is of paramount importance for many parents and caregivers. We, as parents and caregivers, choose the majority of programs our younger children watch and use the parental controls available. We should not EVER have to worry that when our young ones are watching programs we deem appropriate, something vile and horrible will pop up such as the horrific MoMo Challenge that has been circulating for far too long. Videos that threaten children with violence and scaring them by threatening to come into children's homes to kill them or their families if they tell, teaching them to do dangerous acts that can cause serious harm or damage, and encouraging and detailing how to commit suicide is not only inappropriate, it is completely unethical. You have a responsibility to remove offensive content from your site. The onus is not on young children to click the x to close the pop-up, as if that is a valid solution. The onus is on you as an ethical provider of entertainment, to find all traces of these videos and remove them. NOW. Before any lives are lost and before any other lives are traumatized.