Youtube Change the Partner Program Requirments Make It More easy To Earn Something

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Hello We want That Youtube Change the Requirments Of the Partner Program And Make it More Easy to Earn Something For the Videos because its Unfair Only because some People Did something Wrong Alot People Now Get Nothing for the videos they Created

The Step From 10000 Views Requirment to 1000 Subscribers And 4000 Hours Video Playtime in 1 Years its Extreme And For Alot Small Youtubers and People who Do Special Videos for only a small target audience its Almost Impossible to Reach that Goal 

Or atleast Allow The old Users Who was in the Partner Program to be In the Program Again For example Users Like me 

I did 32 Videos And Helped Alot of People And Im Planning to do alot More Videos But till i Earn Anything From Youtube i think it will take a long Time Sad because i really Want To upgrade My Equipment/Hardware  with the Earnings of the Partner Progam 

Its Hard For Beginners now who doesnt have a Budget For Youtube if they Want to provide the Viewers Better Videos and doesnt have the Equipment / Hardware For it 

I hope Youtube Change the Decission I think Instead of 1000 Subscribers it schould be 100 And Instead of 4000 Hours it schould be 400 atleast i think i can do that 


Greetings Vahit