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Verlisify Banned

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Verlisify starts unnecessary drama and when confronted about it he blocks people on Twitter and/or goes on ballistic rants on YouTube about certain people. He also says he doesn't hack his Pokemon, but you can tell that some of his pokemon are hacked indeed. He is a hypocrite and a baby who needs to just be gone off social media for starting drama with everyone he doesn't like or approve of. He blocked me on Twitter because I told him to stop being immature and to be an adult. He doesn't like to be told He's wrong, or He's being immature. He calls people out for being immature and trying to compare things that may not seem alike in anyway shape or form. He just won't stop. If he was banned, then we would make so many people happy and wouldn't have to stress about him making some remarks or starting stuff with people. The whole Pokemon VGC Community is bothered by him. If he sees 1 shiny, it's automatically hacked in his mind and you shouldn't be allowed to do anything. He accuses everyone of hacking even when people breed for it or even catch it wild. I care because Verlisify has harassed some nice people on Twitter, like @DecidueyeX. He harassed him then after blocking him he sent his "goons" after him to harass him afterwards. I hate this, it makes me sick. Please help us keep this from happening anymore.

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