Ban and bring user InfiniteWisdom, STAFF SARGEANT, SARGE WP, SARGe WP, Sargeant Willie Pete (all the same user) to justice for Lusting a underage girl through a YouTube video.

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This man has been harassing Christelyn Karazin for giving advice to African-American women and non-African American men on interracial dating.

This man has now gone as far as to harass, and has begun lusting after Christelyn's under aged daughter. When you begin to attack and openly lust after an under-aged child, you are the lowest type of life form that lives on this planet.

The owner of Beyond Black and White is a loving and caring woman and mother. Help me stop this man from harassing this wonderful woman and her daughter because this family does not deserve to be under attack just for having different views on life than a self hating person. 

A few years ago Sargent Willie Pete was bragging about some 15 year-old and 16 year-old Puerto Rican girls were sexy with banging bodies and black women are not attractive. He was looking at young teenage girls in a sexual manner and he is in his early 30s. He is a sick, perverted, and a demented pedophile.

If your parent, please sign this petition, and watch the video so you know what this man is doing to her family.

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