Unblock Zemedkun Bekele’s YouTube Account! Stop Silencing Orthodox Christians.

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Mr. Zemedkun Bekele’s personal YouTube account (https://www.youtube.com/error?src=404 has been wrongfully suspended due to misinformation relay to YouTube.

Mr. Bekele is an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian preacher and advocate for human rights.  He has been actively using his social media networks (Youtube and Facebook) to educate and fight injustices that the Ethiopian Orthodox Churches and Christians encounter in Oromia region of Ethiopia.

After the recent genocide and massacres of 290 Orthodox Christians in Oromia region in June 2020, he managed to raise a record amount of $2 million dollars within three weeks to support the victims of this violence.

However, due to deceiving and manipulating information by perpetrators, his social media account has been suspended infringing his freedom of speech and expression. In addition, these perpetrators do not want the world to know the atrocities and genocide they are committing.

We firmly believe that these repeated acts are attempts to silence the voice of millions of Orthodox Christians who are enduring relentless attacks and persecution from multiple angles in Ethiopia.

 As such, we demand the following from YouTube administrations:

1.    Investigate Mr. Bekele’s account diligently and verify false claims and allegations before abruptly suspending his account,

2.    Respect Mr. Bekele’s  rights of expression and restore his account.

3.    Release outstanding funds/money Mr. Bekele earned.

We appreciate your support in this matter.