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Tighten the security on youtube and other big networks for our children

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Tablets, phones and electronic devices are at the top of all young childrens wishlists, but with sites such as YouTube and games with a social network attached, such as roblox, we shouldn't be giving our children such freedom on the wide web. Youtube and social gaming is a growing advantage however to young children it can be really dangerous. Kids from a young age learn disrespect, swear words and even learn about sexual relations from child-like click bait on networks like YouTube. We need to tighten security on websites like youtube and roblox, parental 'blocks" are not enough for sites such as these as these sites have no security themselves, while we cannot watch our kids 24:7 these sites are having full control on our childrens minds! Logan paul has recently been on the news for uploading a video of a dead body, his video has had such a hugh popularity rate that many of our children have probably watched that exact video. Reports from the past have shown ADULTS making videos for the 'intent' and 'theme' of children's interests such as Disney princesses acting as click bait for our children to watch but these videos in-fact show adult content like elsa giving birth (which i have witnessed my younger sister watching) and videos like peppa pig being shot in the head. We cannot protect such videos that we see as 'normal', but as soon as our backs are turned such disgusting behaviour happens, so we need to call for big companies to take responsibility for the content that they allow on their sites! These videos can make our children act weirdly, my sister and people her age have been seen carrying out odd behaviour such as drawing pictures of well-known cartoon characters with blood on their face and even pretending they're animals and making absurd noises.  If the internet is our childs future we need to make it safe to use!!!! 

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