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As of 2017-2018 YouTube has been not only wrongfully demonetizing videos, but shutting down channels that have done nothing wrong to break the community guidelines. This usually applies to smaller YouTubers; as they let bigger YouTubers get away with much more. For example: In the beginning of 2018 Youtuber Logan Paul created a video where he showed a dead body in the suicide forest. YouTube did not punish him for it. If a smaller YouTuber were to do that, their channel would get shut down immediately with no thought about it. And you see, YouTube has terrible customer service. They’re programmed by Robots. So if you lose your channel for no good reason, there’s not hope of you getting it back. 

In my case, I’m a small YouTuber by the name of “Lizardgirl0011”. I made content on YouTube consistently for 4 years. I would stay up day and night making videos for my audience and put lots of effort into what I made. I had about 500 subs, and over 14,000 channel views. On January 1st, 2018, at 4:30am; YouTube shut down my channel. I had to wake up the next morning on the new year to see that a video I made 2 YEARS AGO, of me putting on SOCKS, shut down my entire channel with no warning. No copyrighted music, no offensive humor, no vulgar language. 

Sign this petition to not only get my channel back, but to show YouTube that smaller channels matter and they need to fix their system.

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