Take Down Cyberbully Movie Before Any Harm Is Done!

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This school year, every S1 was shown a film named Cyberbully - Full Movie. It is a film on YouTube about a girl facing family issues, online and physical bullying. Sounds like a great thing to show young high school students. 

However, many of my friends and I have faced severe cases of some or all of these in the past few years, and as a result, a few developed conditions such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Almost all of my friends with those conditions hate themselves and don't see a point in their lives. 

Most of these people aren't in my classes but we're watching the movie at the same time as me. After the first time we watched a bit, everyone found it quite sad and a few went away crying. However, after the second time, most people were crying and a couple of people started talking about harming themselves. 

After seeing the third part, things got seriously out of hand. One girl said seeing the main character almost die made her want to as well. A few days later she actually tried. Luckily, she survived - but she almost didn't and we can tell she'll try again. 

We have now finished watching the movie but all are still seriously affected. I have informed my Social Education teacher that the video is not suitable for people who have been through something similar. It probably shouldn't be shown to twelve year olds at all. I'm hoping that something is done before October at the latest, when next year's S1 year group are likely to start watching the movie. Thank you. 

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