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Chris Ingham, a British YouTuber, has recently been accused of being a paedophile and a child groomer. It has recently come to light that Chris has been inappropriately messaging his younger viewers, asking them to meet him alone in the middle of the night and asking for explicit photos, etc. 

In any other profession, an allegation like this would result in a suspension until further action was taken. There are YouTubers who have their channels suspended for a lot less serious allegations/crimes, so why are YouTube not taking action against Chris and protecting their younger viewers? The aim of this petition is not prove whether Chris Ingham is guilty or innocent. I think the evidence speaks for itself. The point of this petition is to encourage YouTube to take action and treat this matter with the seriousness it deserves.

Chris has not given any real explanation to the allegations. Instead, he's waited two months before he said anything and then when he has, he's uploaded a video blaming the public that was discussing the matter. Instead, he talks about how he's worried that the stress and pressure of these allegations with ruin their business' reputation, will encourage his daughter's to be bullied when they go back to school and cause his wife to miscarry. Yet despite all of these worries, he continues exploiting his 3 young children and his pregnant wife on his channel on a daily basis.

YouTube need to take action TODAY. Please sign this petition to show your support and feel free to leave a comment below. Please also know that if you're a victim of a sexual assault/grooming, that it is not your fault and by speaking up you may be able to help others! To any of the girls who have been groomed by Chris/sent inappropriate messages (ranging from about 14 years old - 25 years old) that have come forward, thank you for being so brave.

If anyone has stumbled across this petition and isn't familiar with the situation, please feel free to google what's going on before signing. There's newspaper articles, videos on YouTube with all the evidence and so on. If you watch his 'explanation' video title 'the reason for my silence' on his personal channel, you will see how he's not really explained the situation and instead has turned the incident around on his viewers. These girls have gone above and beyond to prove what they've said is true, Chris has done nothing to prove that it's a lie.