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Suicide isn't a joke, ban Logan Paul from Youtube

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Youtube needs to ban Logan Paul. Logan Paul visited Japan's Aokigahara forest which is known sadly for a high rate of suicides, he not only was disrespectful by treating it like a tourist attraction but he vlogged it. When he found a victim of suicide he not only continued videoing but he approached, took the time to get a thumbnail and overall came across mocking and disrespectful. 

Logan Paul has an audience of over 15 million! This type of video is sensitive and can be triggering to any age group but imagine his demographic, there's an awful lot of young kids and teens. All he does is give the impression that suicide is entertaining, something to joke about. To young people it sends two messages, 1. It discourages them to speak up about any mental health issues because why bother? If someone you idolize doesn't take it seriously, why would others? 2. It gives a normality to insensitive remarks regarding mental health. I've read through comments from people as young as eleven who automatically defend Paul because they look up to him, he shouldn't be a role-model to anyone especially kids.

Personally I started following Logan Paul during one of the darkest times in my life because he made me laugh, managed to make me smile when everything got so overwhelming. I can guarantee I'm not the only one who found comfort in his content so I'm beyond disgusted, this video would be incredibly triggering for some followers not only those who are going through mental health issues but those who've lost someone to it.

To address that 'apology', Logan Paul didn't speak up until the negative response began trending, he claims he wanted to promote Mental Health but this is absolutely no way to do it!. If he seriously wanted to promote Mental Health issues he should have got on social media and told his followers that it's okay to feel not okay, to love and support each other but no, he decides to post a video that disrespected a victim of suicide, someones son, brother, cousin.. someones family. The video isn't sincere, in fact as I scrolled the comments I spotted multiple messages from Logan Paul with a 'Christmas Treat' of vouchers. He's trying damage control.

Logan Paul videoed up close a suicide victim, joked about it, edit it and posted it without a second thought for the victim, their family, his followers. It's simple he did it for the views.

It's not only a breach of Youtube guidelines but it's immoral. Don't allow him to brush this aside. 

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