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Let's end the "Adpocalypse"

What is the problem?

YouTube's Advertising Partners complained about their ads being presented on content they didn't like. YouTube responded by reducing revenue for many channels by demonetizing many videos. Not all videos are completely demonetized. Instead, these videos get different, lower paying ads. This may not seem that bad, but it is seriously affecting hard working creators. While YouTube's reaction is (to an extent) understandable, it's simply not right to punish the many for the wrongs of the few.

Who is being punished?

Activities such as wrestling have been marked as "offensive content" according to YouTube, and all such videos have been demonetized. Videos featuring video games such as Grand Theft Auto V have also been marked as "offensive content" because these games are "violent, feature adult language, or may show nudity". While that may be true in some cases, it's not true in every case.

Why is it bad for business?

You may post a video, that includes no "offensive" or banned content according to YouTube's guidelines; but because your video is a particular genre, your video is flagged as "offensive content". It's simply not right, nor fair, to hold everyone to this policy. Why should you be punished because someone else did something wrong? The simple answer is you shouldn't.

What's the solution?

  • YouTube should first immediately remove the previously non-offensive content from the offensive content list.
  • Secondly, offensive videos should be handled on a case-by-case basis. Videos should not be banned as an entire genre.

By demonetizing videos on a video-by-video basis, YouTube will fix the problem, but crucially, without hurting those who have done nothing wrong.

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