Stop YouTube from removing subscriber counts!

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YouTube is planning to abbreviate subscriber counts in August 2019. This means that instead of seeing exact subscriber counts for your favourite creators over 1,000 subscribers, you'll see abbreviations like '2k', '5.3m' etc.

This huge and largely unwanted change comes from the official @TeamYouTube Twitter on May 21st, 2019. Their reason? "To create more consistency everywhere that we publicly display subscriber counts."

This will affect not only creators, but the general public as well. No longer will there be live subscriber counts, and no longer will creators be able to see their full subscriber count outside of the creator studio. Not even creators will be able to witness their channel reaching a new milestone live!

"To confirm, third parties that use YouTube API Services will also get the same abbreviated public counts as you'll see on YouTube." Team YouTube said, confirming that this will completely kill off platforms such as Social Blade that monitor and display live, accurate subscriber counts and channel statistics. 

We ask that you sign this petition and share it with the hashtag #SaveSocialBlade. This is by far one of the most idiotic and biggest changes that YouTube has made to their platform, and we must stop them before time runs out.

For more information, visit @TeamYouTube's official post: