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Stop the demonization of hunting videos on YouTube

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Many hardworking individuals whole entire lives have been dedicated to their YouTube channel. Many of these people are hunters and outdoorsmen who's fan base surrounding them support them for their hunting videos. YouTube on the other hand has completely blackballed all of these hardworking individuals by placing an ad-blocker for such hunting videos and even future videos that may or may not have any correlation to hunting. This ad-block for lack of a better word cuts off nearly all the income for these videos made. This has caused many of these hardworking individuals to either have to retire from their passion of pursuing YouTube and the outdoors, or have to strain to find income elsewhere causing them to have less time to manage their channel. Please realize that there is a great misconception for hunters, and many of them are truly great people. Hunting is also derived from our ancestors who lived and died based off of their hunting. Many of these Youtubers being punished are just carrying on the tradition, while respecting the wildlife, and eating their kill. Many of these so called "devilish" hunters actually provide more support and help to the protection and well being of the animals. Hunting is also a means of population control which is actually very healthy for the certain animal species. Now, for every group or society there are some very awful, and disrespectful hunters. The amount of these hunters is a minuscule amount compared to the many great hunters out there. Many people get this awful notion about hunters because of the select few bad ones, but they are having the same mindset that some people have about how all police are bad because one guy messed up, or how all muslims are terrorists though that is clearly false, or maybe how all black males are thugs when that is clearly also not true. Many people can just go on and say that "oh, this is such a different and incomparable matter," but if they examine the facts they are surprisingly similar.

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