Stop targeting Trans* YouTubers!

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Trans* YouTubers like Chase Ross, Ty Turner, Stef Sanjati, and many more are being flagged, demonetized by YouTube's algorithms, deleted, and now their videos are getting Anti-LGBT ads put on them. This has to stop! Their videos have helped thousands of Trans* youth, young adults, and older adults become educated in transgender issues; such as mental health, safe sex, and examples of medical treatments.

Now, many are facing threats of having their channels deleted from YouTube because of large groups targeting the LGBT* community. Many people in the Trans* community have been impacted in such a positive way by these well known YouTubers, including myself (a Transgender Man), and need people like them to turn to when we have no one else.

We need to work together to put an end to the people targeting these channels and ask that YouTube fix the problem their company is creating. If we win, we can make sure these and many other Trans* YouTubers are able to continue educating and changing the way people see the LGBT* community for the better.