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Stop racism in the YouTube karaoke community

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Since January, I have noticed that one of the guys in the YouTube karaoke community of South Korea has been kind of, say, weird. I tried to see what was the problem, and, it was being racist, as I found out a few months later. But, all of a sudden this certain guy was forcing me out of his chats, and sometimes, even broadcasts. And then, his so-called friends started doing the same with the chats, but what took it way too far was when one of his closest friends did the same with broadcasts. To respond, I made a revenge video, but then again, apparently, it was a violation of the Community Guidelines when in fact, the guy should get a strike first for false advertising. (

And then, he, with his close friend, started making fake channels, that were sometimes good but tricked in others. That was the last straw. So I went here and decided that I need to ask you to at least help me eliminate or stop these racist channels, and

Thank you in advance.

BTW: If this reaches what it's supposed to reach, please give these guys strikes so they can be warned of their racism.

- Techno Spyform1 9/5/17

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