6 March 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Muhammad A

The Apostate Prophet is a YouTube Channel created by an individual who has an aim of spreading a malicious, hateful loathsome agenda towards Islam and the Muslim community  through the usage of interpolated and distorted quotations from the Holy texts and other such pieces of literature. Moreover, he berates and insults Muslims and their belief system on a constant basis. Key figures in the religion are often berated by him. It is clear hate speech as many Muslims have been subject to severe negative backlash due to his videos which YouTube are allowing him to produce. This goes against the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

Link to Apostate Prophet's channel:


As his YouTube videos come under “Free Speech”, YouTube may not ban him but they should at least disable the comments on his videos so such malicious comments such as “muslims should die” are no longer allowed to be posted. YouTube needs to do something. The line between hate and free speech is very thin and the followers of this channel are crossing it.

look at the comments. They insult Islam, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on a regular basis and they’ve even made icons of him. Astagfirullah.

You would never see a channel where christians, hindus, jews etc. are getting abused consistently so why are muslims getting abused allowed?

Also, this apostate is closely linked to self proclaimed sociopath David Wood - a dangerous ideological partnership forming on a public platform. It is also blasphemy due to being defamatory against a religion. A clear negligent misrepresentation with the intent of hate. It goes against the Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003,  2006 the Racial and Religious Hatred Act. He also mocks the process of migration and makes light of the New Zealand Terrorist attacks. This is not allowed under the YouTube rules.

i’ve reported this channel to YouTube many times but to no avail. 

Will Youtube act upon this plea and remove his channel and consider the damage he is causing?

Please sign this petition and share to others.

i need all the muslims to stand up and take notice and share this petition so the comments under such islamophobic videos can be disabled.

a special mention to Ali Dawah as he can help us to share this petition and get enough signatures so YouTube can take notice due to his large audience. We have had enough islamophobia and this just crosses the limit. 

thanks to Ali Asghar, who already made a petition on this.

I would like YouTube to DISABLE the comments under Apostate Prophet's videos as they are inciting hate towards muslims and calling for physical violence. Also, those comments come under Hate Speech which is not allowed under YouTube's laws.

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Signatures: 17Next Goal: 25
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