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At beginning of 2017 Youtube set up a new algorithm to select videos and divide them into two categories: 'normal' videos and 'controversial' videos.  The 'controversial' videos are those that contain themes or scenes that can hurt people or offend them, while 'normal' videos are those that do not contain such topics; 'controversial' videos have been classified as not fundable, so they are not to receive money from Youtube investors, who pay to bring publicity to the platform.

Sounds great, doesn't it?

Actually, it may be a great idea if only the algorithm didn't hide not only controversial videos but any type of political video, satirical video and so on. This can really be the death of much quality content on the platform and, consequentially, a loss for Youtube itself and for the whole internet community.  
If I convinced you, please subscribe to the campaign. Every subscription is a little step towards visibility and, maybe, towards changing a situation that's not only going against the world interest but also, paradoxically, against freedom of speech on the platform that made freedom its own aim.

Broadcast yourself.

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